jeremy mcgilvrey



You chose a course of positive thoughts and actions, and you have been rewarded. Riches are not measured by dollar signs, but by a life well lived. You are indeed a very rich and blessed young man.

Jerry A. Cook


Great testimony Jeremy McGilvrey. I want to cry. I salute every person as humble as you are. It’s true that “Only humble people do amazing things like you did.” Thanks for sharing. May God bless you with more wisdom and inner happiness!

Alice Cabarubia Rebulado


Jeremy you are the most positive person I know on social media. You are real and you motivate people and you inspire us. You’re that friend God put on FB to show love:)

Cindy Larson


Jeremy, you are like a treasure chest. Everyday I open your Facebook page I discover yet another gift, surprise, and more inspiration. I wish you all the love and happiness you so deserve. You are truly an amazing gem.

Martha Galvez


It’s special people like you Jeremy who make a positive change in a world filled with negative events around us. Thank you for that & God bless.

Jeannie Perry

What a beautiful story & testimonial Jeremy McGilvrey. And to open up and write about it shows so much humility, confidence, vulnerability, and strength.!

ALori Dingee


Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story. I really enjoy the positive outcome in your life! Truly amazing positive spirit you have. God Bless you!

Angie Vera

Jeremy I enjoy following you because you’re real, transparent, an overcomer, an example of the payoff of perseverance, of not quitting no matter the odds

Jan Nis


You have an incredible story that inspires so many! The positive attitude, fight and all around being all you can be after all you’ve been through is amazing!

Heidi Price

Your inspirational messages have helped remind me that I must love myself first and that with determination I can do anything. They have help empower me as a woman and human being.

Nancy Joan


I honor your courage to share such a personal story. You are an amazing soul and an inspiration to all of us that can read this. God bless you and now is your time to shine and really show the world who you really are!

Veronica Uriarte

Jeremy McGilvrey, you don’t know me, but I believed you were an “amazing” spirit years ago. I was right about you then and now. #Grateful to see a leader showing “The Way to Think” then pursue our destiny not survive it.

Norma Montalvo


Jeremy McGilvrey, you are one heck of an unbreakable man!!! Every single step we take is a part of our life’s plan and without your experiences you would not be able to be the inspiration you are today. And now to experience what is to come from that horrendous prison, out of the ashes you truly are a Phoenix.

Elizabeth Belknap

Every morning I scroll to your daily post on Facebook before I get out of bed! Sets for a positive day!!! Much appreciated!

Kathy Williams


You are the definition of success….you live out the quote: The opposite of success is not failure, it is Quitting! You are a fighter for success! You put your failures out there for all to see and experience…your transparency makes you trustworthy….many will succeed in life because you are not afraid to be transparent…lead on my brother!

Brenda Yost-Hatcher

Jeremy, you are a remarkable guy who genuinely walks and talks in Faith. You are truly an Angel of God. Your inspiration and Motivational messages always bring comfort, assurance and encouragement to never give up hope and to follow your dreams. What’s really amazing to me is that the timing of your messages is always perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you…..

Rose Perez


Wow! What a powerful & inspiring experience! Thanks for sharing your story. Just what I needed to hear! We’re all in this world together & we DO have the power to do good & help others every day!

Olga Venicio

I appreciate your honesty and for sharing your experiences. You exemplify commitment and that “can’t” is replaceable with, “I will” and to never give up. I appreciate your faith and pray that your life will be a testimony of God’s LOVE and care for you.

Rita Huebner


Jeremy, your posts are inspirational and focus on moving forward in life. What I enjoy the most about it all is your unwavering strength. Anyone can have a “positive moment,” but you are consistent with your motivational words which makes you a dependable source for your followers.

Jessica Vaughan

I follow you for all the inspirational quotes you give. You have so much Positive energy to offer that you don’t let your past affect you. You just keep pushing forward and that isn’t easy for some people.

April Marie Rosales


What incredible written words and story of perseverance. If only I met you 40 years ago and learned about the delete button. So many struggles everyday w hurts, negative experiences, and the mind game. You’re a true inspiration and a lovely person. Continue to use the experiences to help others as this world needs you.

Lisa Kay

Amazing and inspiring story! You articulate your words so well. Can’t wait to read your book. Thank you for the reminders to delete negative thoughts before they take root, know we can change our circumstances, and that freedom is of the utmost importance.

Caroline Guzman


Positive is an understatement. You have good character. You’re an encourager. You’re brave. You have Godly morals. Your strive for greatness isn’t just for you but you want everyone to be great. I respect you for all that you do Jeremy McGilvrey!

Myra Castoreno

It’s encouraging to hear when God works miracles in your life! It’s amazing that you have such a support system and you really motivate people that might otherwise not have the same encouragement you do! Sharing your story will likely spark others to do the same. And acknowledgement is the first step in helping others that are going through the things you’ve gone through.

Cynthia Wilson


Great reminder Jeremy that I MUST write down my goals. I know how important that is, I’ve just been slipping. Thanks again for your powerful advice.

Rose Perez

I’m very proud to know a person who struggled through so many negative things and ended up being positive and successful! Have a great day! You really do deserve it!

Makka Sariyeva


Wow! I loved it when you said, “The only thing wrong with failing is if you don’t do anything about it.” Man, you hit a nerve with that. Time to start pushing through and succeeding. Keep doing what you’re doing. You have paved your own path.

Kellie Martina

Jeremy, as if we were not fans already and most of us here think you are so amazing and inspiring, now you’re going to share something like this…man, this just takes it to another level. We just went from fans to stalker!!! Wishing you nothing but the best. Attitude is Altitude and you are way up there!

Vanessa Mireles


Jeremy McGilvrey is nothing short of inspiring, motivational and real. This guy is the real deal and always has others in mind. I can honestly say he truly loves God first and is a servant leader, everyday pouring out his heart and soul to serve. Thank God Jeremy and I crossed paths. Life will never be the same. Keep leading from the front sir! Love you in the Lord!

Ted Prendez

Wow, what a testimony. Keep sharing your story…you give hope to others that may be going through something. May God continue to use you as his vessel in delivering hope in the hearts of others.

Jacquelyn Crim


God works in mysterious ways. And sometimes He has to break us, in order to remake us. I’ve never seen Jeremy so focused, and so committed – but most importantly – under complete control.

Gabe Garcia

Jeremy is a master in both communication and writing. He has the clarity to share his thoughts and the vision that shows all of us that there are no boundaries, he has beaten the odds, nothing is impossible to him and to me that is a very powerful character. Jeremy also holds much more than that. He is a compassionate man, he has displayed kindness and is always around to motivate his friends and colleague’s.

Victoria Solorio


When Jeremy said, “What got you to where you are, won’t keep you there, and it certainly won’t take you where you want to go,” a light bulb turned on. I realize that I had been neglecting to invest in myself. Jeremy consistently delivers powerful nuggets of knowledge. I’m sure that’s why he’s garnered such a massive social media following.

Marla Alexander

Some people just aren’t able to be defeated. Jeremy’s one of those people. His confidence and commitment to excellence is something you just don’t see anymore. Jeremy I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. The possibilities are limitless.

Talia Thomas


When I saw Jeremy speak, I was taken back immediately by the energy he brought to the room. Jeremy exudes a ton of charisma and confidence from the stage. He delivers a wealth of wisdom. If you haven’t seen him speak, you’re missing out.

Adam Gillon

You may be stuck like I was before I came across the impactful messages Jeremy delivers in his videos. I struggled for years to implement the plan I’ve always wanted to put in place. But with Jeremy’s encouragement and motivation, I’ve been able to turn my dreams into reality.

Nerissa Figueroa


Want to improve the quality of your life? Want to enlarge your vision? Then follow the practical teaching principles Jeremy reveals in his weekly videos. Because without question, Jeremy’s teaching style is not only the most dynamic, it’s also the most effective I’ve ever came across.

Robert Elder

When I think of personal development, I think of some guru telling me how to do something who’s never done it themselves. However, with Jeremy, he brings a wealth of experience from the mistakes he’s made and teachers what to do, as well as what not to do.

Veronica Saldivar

Jeremy believes encouragement is like oxygen to the soul. If he has had a positive impact on your life he’d love to hear about it.